Sunday, April 20, 2014

What About Me?

I am that person. That person who is one of the faces of Raventide Books that you never see. Technically, the hand that's connected to my arm designed the website, types on Twitter, reblogs on Tumblr, and selects Reading Wednesday posts to give you a small snippet of what's going on in the stories Raventide Books has published thus far.

To a large part, I'm totally comfortable with that. I don't see you, you don't see me, you read our amazing publications, and I tell you that you should read more. But, I'm largely invisible, and that's how it should be, especially with writing.

My previous work space.
So, if I'm doing what I should be doing, then what the heck am I rambling on about?  You probably wonder that yourself. I think my point is, that I have a blog here, am part of a functioning publishing venture, and haven't posted a damn thing here since sometime last year. Looking at this blog today has reminded me, 'hey, you nut. There should be something here other than ancient blog posts from a year and a half ago!'

I deleted those posts. I rewrote my 'about me' page. Now I'm looking at this lovely blank canvas (because there's almost nothing more exciting than a blank canvas) and wondering what I should put down. I literally have no idea. Ideas? No, if they're ideas they're too early to share. Thoughts on characters? No, for the same reason. Thoughts on writing? Bleh, what an overdone topic for a blog! The business of writing and selling your own work without the help of a third party? No, no, no... that would put the focus on the wrong place. So really, I have no idea what to do.

Meanwhile, I look at my partner's blog and see what I've been 'missing.' Not in the literal sense, because I read every blog post she writes and I pay attention to the conversations her posts start. I mean that my absence has left a hole: she continues to write and looks like a single person and, damn it, she's not alone. I'm with her, every step of the way. But no one realizes that. For a while, when I was quite sure I didn't matter and considered myself extremely second-class with this writing thing, that seemed for the best. But now I wonder if I was just being... lazy.

She's had guest posts, she's posted several excerpts from her novels, has a What's Going On 'series' going to keep readers updated, and even posted about a few personal struggles of hers. Hell, she's even done the April A to Z challenge... twice! She's accomplished so much, and I've... well, not.

I think it's probably time to grab onto the wheel. The only question is, with which hand? I guess I'll need get some serious attention here. And I think... just maybe... it should start with a refreshed look.... again.